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let's collaborate. 

I offer virtual & in-person intimacy consultations, choreography, direction & workshops. 


start at 1 hr session to discuss consent and intimacy best practices and basic implementation. 

great for: scene work, classroom/education practices, productions including mild intimacy (sexual attraction, touch, kiss, non-intimate relationships)

cost start at $50/hr

Workshops & Classes

start at 90 min up to 6 hours. 


Participants will be offered best practices around intimacy and consent work for both the rehearsal and performance process; insight into the cultural shift of the Intimacy Direction movement and opportunities to explore how intimacy and consent practice work in congruence with the need for more ethical and informed creative spaces. 

For longer or series workshops, participants will be introduced to the principles of intimacy choreography and/or training and career paths.

cost varies

Choreography & Direction

2 hr session minimum to choreograph intimacy or heightened or sensitive content. 

great for: productions including mild to extensive intimacy, heightened or sensitive content (consensual sex, multiple intimate encounters, sexual violence). 

cost start at $50/hr with a 2 hour minimum commitment*

*multiple sessions are needed to safely and effectively choreograph intimacy or sexual violence. 

for inquires, conversations & more, please submit the following form. expect a response in 1-3 days. 

Thanks for submitting!

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